What We Do



Music production is the core of MDS Recording’s business and Murray Daigle’s legacy.

The title of Producer encompasses much more than simply recording a track and critiquing takes. At MDS every project is an individual venture without a pre-established templates or forms. Discussion and planning of an artist’s vision, sound and vibe are critical. Once this is established Murray has the expertise, resources, experience and connections to execute any project, no matter how big or small with technical and artistic excellence.

Experience is the key… song writing, arranging, tracking, session players, editing, pitch correction, mixing, mastering, pre-press, radio mixes, remixes, digital file deliver, performance & mechanical rights registration and asset management. Most people calling themselves producers today aren’t even familiar with most of these terms, let alone how to manage all these essential parts of a project.



MDS Recording features two fantastic sounding recording environments.

The vocal booth is renowned for its incredible sound and intimacy. With a collection of high-end microphones we can find just the right fit for any voice or style. Tracking is done with Neve or True Sytems pre’s and Distressor, Drawmer & LA2A compressors. As a vocalist with 5 recording contracts under his belt, Murray Daigle understands how it feels to be in the booth. Coaching singers and constructing vibe has long been one Murray’s most sought-after skills. For vocals that “pop” at radio, this is the place.

The large live room at MDS is 18’ x 24’ and can accommodate any sized project from a 5 piece band to a 30 person choir. The room was designed by Murray Daigle to integrate seamlessly with his sound and vibe. The comfortable, lounge-like atmosphere is both practical and inspiring.



At MDS Recording specializes in mixing. At any given time, Murray has multiple mixes playing on the national CHR, Hot AC, Rock and Country charts, as well as on all the MuchMusic video channels. The studio has been carefully designed and equipped with the newest, cutting-edge, digital audio workstations by Cakewalk SONAR and an extensive library of soft synths, fx plug-ins and audio hardware.

To cut through and get noticed at radio these days you need the sonic excellence, visceral impact and name recognition of a top-level mixer and studio like the “go-to” combination of Murray Daigle and MDS Recording.